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What are Shamanic Spiritual retreats?✨

Hi everyone this is Apu ( Shannon ) and I am very excited that the creator of the universe aligned, a beautiful experience for the Chacana, spiritual center to partnership with Starlite retreats🙏 I am humbled and excited to create and manifest healing pathways for the community I live in and allow those seeds of light to stretch to far off nations of this beautiful world we live in.

My personal passion when I opened up, the Chacana spiritual center was to live the most authentic version of my life which is innately to help people step into their power, and teach them how to heal themselves!

Our brick and mortar has been open for three years and I have been teaching spirituality and Shamanism in the Melbourne Brevard County area for 10+ years.

We have formed such an amazing community of healers and students who are on a path of healing themselves, so that the world around them also heals✨

Today I put a huge part of my dream into action and launched these amazing spiritual, shamanic facilitated retreats around the world on our website!

How is a shamanic spiritual retreat different than potentially other spiritual retreats?

My personal power. the creator & my higher self, allows me to see that all spirituality/God energy is the same, and it is how each one of us in our cultures, religions, or spiritual practices, expresses that in our teachings & in our daily lives.

Shamanism is not a modality or a religion. It is a practice, a perspective, and a way of life.

It teaches us to know ourselves, better know our community better, and most especially understand, and know the creator through his/hers many perspectives.

Shamanism teaches us that there are so many perspectives to one truth that clearly there is no truth in this reality other than love.

With this perspective, it helps us shift out of judgment and fear and shift into a higher love and understanding for human kind.

During our shamanic, spiritual retreats, we will visit close and far away lands, and have the opportunity to experience energies expressed for mother Earth and her cosmos from a different perspective. As humans we call these "portals"

In some places around the country and countries these portals, "the perspective of the Creator" come in at a very strong vibration.

It will be our pleasure to explore these vibrations and portals and learn new perspectives, while also transmitting any heavy energies that we have brought into this life or attained during this life.

Shifting more towards love, health and abundance. We will learn how to use these energies in moderation, according to the creator, to create the life that we choose to live in.

Every shamanic, spiritual retreat will have a focus on the spiritual journey. We are embarking with plentyfull of shamanic journeys and shamanic ceremonies to teach the attendees how to shift into their own joy, and again release what no longer serves them.

We will honor the elements of all destinations and learn to shift to gratitude for all that the elements give us daily during this carnation. Learning to ask what can we give to these elements for all that they do for us?🙏

Our retreats will be always facilitated by a Chacana Spiritual Center, head, teacher, and Shaman with multiple years of experience. We will also be joined by starlight, retreats, guided by the owner Claudia, who is also a beautiful goddess student at the Chacana spiritual center.

Each retreat will cover room and board which includes food and hotel. Local transportation, and any and all local tours, including shamanic, journeys, and ceremonies.

Every attendee of our spiritual, shamanic retreats will receive a full shamanic healing session at the Chacana spiritual center before the embark on their journey to release and cleanse to have the most beautiful experience on the retreat!

To learn more be sure to check out our website under the tab "retreats"

. Here you will learn about our current upcoming retreats and remember to check back often as we're adding retreats as the year moves forward.

✨We have payment plan options for everyone

✨If you're a student at the Chacana spiritual Center, of Munay Ki, Mesa, or death Doula program please ask about our student discount rate.

✨Anyone who reads this ad or attends the Chacana spiritual center may request a $300 deposit to see if their retreat versus $500 for the public

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