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What is The Shamanism?

Shamanism is about seeing the beauty in yourself and the world around you and allowing space for that beauty to manifest. 


A shaman is one who works with nature and the energy of the cosmos. From the tiniest blade of grass to angels and the creator. 


A shaman is a white light healer who also works in the shadows to heal themselves and other at a level that releases the original cause of illness. 


A shaman is one who communicates with spirit allies (angels, spirit guides, the creator) and does what is asked to bring healing to people, plants, animals, the earth, the stars and cosmos. 


A shaman brings love where there is fear. Harmony where there is disharmony, and order where there is chaos. First beginning with themselves and then to the community and the world around them.


A shamans most sacred duty is to create peace within themself and when we are at peace then the world around us is at peace.

How do I become a Shaman?


The first class to start your shamanic path is called Munay Ki which translates to “Love in Action” and is the initiation rites to become a Q'ero trained shaman.


This class usually is taught over a span of 5 months and begins opening up all of your spiritual gifts, including shamanic energetic protection. 

You can read more about Munay Ki under our Munay Ki tab or sign up now. 

To sign up either visit our Events tab and look for our brand new start dates titled Shamanic Initiation rites Munay Ki Class 1, or call our center at 321-610-1698 and we will help you choose the best start date for you. We have weekend, weeknight, weekday and online class start dates for you to choose from.

After you have completed the first Munay Ki class or completed the Munay Ki class series, you are welcome to enter into the Mesa training.

The Mesa is an apprenticeship to become a shaman over a two year period. Meeting for two 10 hour days once every 3 months. For a total of 8 weekends, or Thursday & Fridays.


Please see our Mesa tab for more details about what the mesa is and what you learn during your apprenticeship.

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