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Head Teachers

Meet Shannon Davis (Apu Mamma-ku) 
~ Shamanic Practitioner, Founder, Owner & Teacher at CSC

Shannon Davis is a shaman & medicine woman of the Peruvian (Inca) Q'ero shaman lineage & hospice nurse with a RN degree, and certifications in Reiki and vibrational energy healing techniques.


Born a natural intuitive, clairvoyant and emotional empathic healer. Shannon follows her passion in assisting others to step into their own power and healing.


Shannon has been the guest speaker for several healing conventions; a speaker for live radio and pod cast interviews and magazine articles. Her goal is to bring light and love to the world she lives in and touch everyone she Meets with beauty to inspire them to find their path of healing.


Shannon uses her skills to work with clients and assist them with healing on an emotional , mental, spiritual and physical levels. She works individually with clients in shamanic healings and as a life and business coach consultant with the medicine wheel technique. She is the Head teacher at Chacana and directly works with every Mesa student in an apprenticeship for 2 years to assist them into their highest and best healing.


Shannon is the owner of The Chacana Spiritual Center in Melbourne Florida. A healing center focused on mental, spiritual, emotional and physical health; wellness and education for the community.

Meet Sabrina Jai
~ Shamanic Practitioner, General Manager, & Teacher at CSC

Sabrina Jai is a modern-day mystic, and Medicine Woman trained in the Q'ero (Incan) Peruvian tradition of Shamanic Energy Healing. She is also a Reiki Usui Ryoyho Seichim Master, Shamanic Tarot Reader, Herbalist, and Energetic Wellness Consultant.

Born with a deep connection to nature and guided by intuition and an inner-standing of the interconnectedness of all things, Sabrina spent years studying under shamanic spiritual mentorship and delving into sacred energy healing techniques to translate spiritual knowledge and the language of symbols into profound insights.

Her commitment to self-discovery and healing became the foundation of her unique approach to shamanic energy work.

Through shadow work, ritual introspection, energy channeling, and the use of sacred spiritual practice, she serves as a beacon of transformation, guiding those willing to confront their inner demons toward spiritual enlightenment and self-discovery.

Sabrina's spiritual gifts lie in bridging the spiritual and physical realms to create a harmonious flow of energy for those seeking clarity, balance, and restoration.


By sharing insights on holistic living, sacred spirituality, and the symbiotic relationship between individuals and the cosmos Sabrina encourages clients to embrace the transformative power of ancient wisdom in the contemporary world.

Donna Paloy.jpg
Meet Donna
~ Shamanic Practitioner & Teacher at CSC

Donna Paloy is a full Mesa carrier trained in the Peruvian tradition of Shamanic Healing Practices. Donna helps clients develop their own natural talents and abilities, work through life’s roadblocks, understand trauma, build relationship with self and spiritual guides, understand nature and animal medicine, and provide guidance in spiritual growth and learning.


Donna meets her clients on a deep energetic level using natural and ancestral energy medicine techniques to assist in making deep, meaningful and lasting life changes.

Meet Geri "Shamamma Bean"
~ Shamanic Practitioner & Teacher at CSC

Shamamma Bean discovered in childhood that she had strong spiritual leanings and has actively explored the role Spirit has in her life. She is intuitive, and inquisitive, and inspired, always seeking to understand the interplay between the spiritual and material worlds and serves as a conduit for both.

Her exploration led her to shamanism and she trained to become a full mesa carrier under the tutelage of Master Mesa Carrier Shannon Davis in the Peruvian Q'ero Shaman lineage. Shamamma Bean Is a Peruvian trained Shaman, Teacher, Tarot reader and Medicine healer. She also serves as the chief blogger for the The Chacana Spiritual Center and looks forward to assisting you on your own journey to wholeness.

Savannah S.jpg
Meet Savannah Stephenson
~ Shamanic Practitioner & Teacher at CSC


Savannah Stephenson is a fully trained medicine woman from the Peruvian (Inca) Q'ero shaman lineage. As a teacher and enternal learner, she carries forward a rich ancestral wisdom to guide others on their paths of healing and self-discovery.

Her life experiences, studies of human development, and innate energetic gifts allow Savannah to transcend the mundane and facilitate deep personal transformations. She is deeply passionate about collective healing and learning, offering a dynamic, compassionate perspective on growth and development. Through her work, she helps reaffirm people's belief in themselves as powerful and whole beings.

Savannah creates meaningful experiences that integrate mind, body and spirit. Her classes artfully blend compassionate listening, energy work, guided visualization, and practical wisdom tailored to each person's journey. Her insight into the human condition allows her to foster an environment where people can safely explore vulnerability, find acceptance, and expand their self-awareness.

As a modern day wisdom keeper, Savannah guides people to reconnect with their inner healer and harness their untapped potential. She is committed to spreading light and helping awaken the divine inner spark in all beings.

Amanda B.jpg
Meet Amanda Bellinger
~ Shamanic Practitioner & Teacher at CSC

Amanda is an Energy Medicine Woman and teacher trained in the Q'ero Lineage of Peru. She is a mother of 2, and a licensed barber and owner at The Lost Arts Barbershop in Downtown Melbourne where she mixes hair, shamanic energy work, Astrology, Human Design, and Tarot to meet the needs of her community. She is currently teaching beginner's astrology, shamanic astrology, and many other different classes available at Chacana.

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