Head Teachers

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Meet Shannon 
~ Shamanic Practitioner, Founder, Owner & Teacher at CSC

Shannon Davis is a Peruvian trained shamanic practitioner and hospice nurse. 
Born a natural intuitive, clairvoyant and emotional empathic healer. Shannon follows her passion in assisting others to step into their own power.

Shannon uses her skills to work with clients and assist them with healing on an emotional level. She works individually with clients in shamanic healings and as a life and business coach. She also teaches in Group workshops and more.


Shannon is the owner of The Chacana Spiritual Center in Melbourne Florida. A healing center focused on mental, spiritual, emotional and physical health; wellness and education for the community.

Meet Diosa
~ Shamanic Practitioner, Business Manager & Teacher at CSC

Diosa Figueroa is a shaman & medicine woman of the Peruvian (Inca) Q'ero shaman lineage. Her innate clairvoyant spiritual gifts opened up as a child and continued into her adult life. Her journey of self-discovery and mastery of these gifts led her on a healing path of self-healing and a spiritual awakening.

Eager to learn, Diosa was a student of several spiritual teachings and healing classes. She knew there was something more to life and was guided by spirit to start the Munay Ki classes. After that she began the training to become a full Mesa carrier (a shaman) with Master Mesa Carrier Shannon Davis.  Her mesa training accelerated her personal healing, which allowed her to discover her true spiritual path. She is now sharing all she has learned doing healing sessions, mentorships and teaching what she has learned. It is with great joy she is here to help you step into your healing!

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Meet Donna
~ Shamanic Practitioner & Teacher at CSC

Donna Paloy is a full Mesa carrier trained in the Peruvian tradition of Shamanic Healing Practices. Donna helps clients develop their own natural talents and abilities, work through life’s roadblocks, understand trauma, build relationship with self and spiritual guides, understand nature and animal medicine, and provide guidance in spiritual growth and learning.


Donna meets her clients on a deep energetic level using natural and ancestral energy medicine techniques to assist in making deep, meaningful and lasting life changes.

Meet Geri
~ Shamanic Practitioner & Teacher at CSC

Geri discovered in childhood that she had strong spiritual leanings and has actively explored the role Spirit has in her life. She is intuitive, and inquisitive, and inspired, always seeking to understand the interplay between the spiritual and material worlds and serves as a conduit for both.

Her exploration led her to shamanism and she trained to become a full mesa carrier under the tutelage of Master Mesa Carrier Shannon Davis in the Peruvian Q'ero Shaman lineage. Geri Is a Peruvian trained Shaman, Teacher, Tarot reader and Medicine healer. She also serves as the chief blogger for the The Chacana Spiritual Center and looks forward to assisting you on your own journey to wholeness.

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Meet Jen
~ Shamanic Practitioner & Teacher at CSC

Jen Archipolo is a Full Mesa Carrier from the Q’ero (Inca) Peruvian Shamanic lineage of the Andes. She holds a Master's degree in Leadership and two Bachelor's degrees in Applied Management and Psychology.


Jen enjoys utilizing her excellent listening skills and nonjudgmental nature to serve others. With over 15 years as a Human Resources Leader and as a consultant, mentor, and teacher, Jen's true passion is to be of service. Jen Archipolo is a dedicated student of metaphysical and spiritual modalities to augment the diverse background of spirituality found within her family lineage.