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Summer Solstice Despacho Ceremony 2022

Today was a magical day at The Chacana Spiritual Center 🌸 🌸 🌸

Today my tribe and I spent majority of the day in ceremony💙🙏 Summer Solstice Despacho Ceremony

It was more magical than one could have expected💓 A tribe came together today and healed at levels that are still unknown to us but we are aware of the healing going on🙏

We sang together we drummed together we held space together & we ate together 🙏

It was not “neat”to be honest it was quite messy as the sweat poured off our faces at times, the dirt covering our feet and the sun beat down on our backs occasionally..But when we sang our hearts opened wider and when we held space it United us and when we burned our sacred fire for you the entire community for the healing that you deserve, spirit rejoiced, mother Earth danced and the heavens sang,

We can’t go above our healing. We can’t go under our healing. We must go through healing 🌸



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