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The Co-Creator is You!

The only constant in the Universe is change. All of life teaches that there is a time and a season for everything. Acting out of season can be fruitful, but there is usually a lack of ease and flow associated with that. Acting in ayni (harmony) with the times and the seasons yields a peaceful flow. The invitation is to create with what is, where you are. What do you do when you're stuck and nothing looks like something you'd create?  Remember that cakes made without eggs or sugar are called biscuits!  The point is to pick up on what is in front of you and work with it. Even if you are called to be still, that requires your cooperation by you creating space to do so. The shamans at the Chacana Spiritual Center invite you to be a co-creator with the Universe and will help you unleash your inner creatrix. See you soon!

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