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Love Wins


Our world has been a wild and wooly ride recently. There are huge lessons that we earthlings have learned in the last few months about love and trust, fear and doubt. Fear has had our nervous systems hijacked by fight, flight or freeze reactions as overwhelming amounts of data fed fear-based thinking. Doubting that there would be enough, markets cashed and grocery store shelves were emptied.

On the other hand, Love and trust have kept people at home, safeguarding themselves and others, or going out and providing needed medical and infrastructural services. Giving needed items to other people, in physical, emotional or spiritual form is becoming the new normal for a lot of us.

How can we respond to world issues in real-time? Is there something else we can do instead of allowing fear in as a knee-jerk reaction to events outside of our control?  Yes, there is! We can train ourselves to be still. Prayer, meditation and shamanic journeying are great ways to be still in the midst of the now. There is great power in being still as Spirit will guide us into doing the right thing for right now. Aho.💗💗💗

The Chacana Spiritual Center currently has a Facebook page devoted to prayer requests at

To learn more about the benefits of shamanic journeying, contact us at Chacana Spiritual Center:

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