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How is Your Aim?

Updated: Mar 2, 2020

What are you aiming for? My wish for you is that you aim that arrow straight and true! Alignment is a critical component of hitting your target, otherwise, you will wind up where you don't want to be!

If you find that what you are aiming at is not what you truly want, is drawing back that bow serving your highest and best purpose? Have you already shot and feel you've missed your mark? Then make peace with that.

In Shamanism, every experience contains medicine including our misfires and bullseyes. Refocus and then take aim for that which is truly yours. Chacana Spiritual Center opens its doors 04.01.20.

Come join us for our Grand Opening Shamanic Mystic Fair on 4.26.20! We are located at 2299-B Sarno Rd, Melbourne, FL 32935. See you soon!

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