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Head East!

Do you smell something on the wind? Is it spring? Or is it the callings of old, childhood desires meeting your present? Some of these longings hold the key to finding your purpose in the present. East medicine is calling you! In Qechua, Eagle/Condor energy rules where the sky is the limit. It beckons us to soar above what is in our face and get a higher perspective of our circumstances.

As children, we would lose ourselves in an activity that connected us to timelessness, to flight, where troubles couldn't touch us. What was that activity for you? Pick apart that activity for the meat that feeling holds and feed your soul with it today! East invites us to come full circle on the medicine wheel and incorporate that wonder, that engagement you felt as a child into the challenges that you face today. Turn your face to the sun, breathe in plenty of fresh air, allow the winds of the East to bring you the medicine of renewal.

We at Chacana Spiritual Center are holding space for love, healing, and peace to all of humanity during these challenging times. Contact us here at, or on Facebook:

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