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Whole Souled

The truth is that we are never alone, even if we may feel like it. Pachamama is our constant companion. She is whole, complete, lacking nothing. Sometimes we feel incomplete. We weren’t born that way. We came fully equipped with love, trust, innocence, and a host of other soul pieces securely woven into our luminous energy field (LEF). Then trauma happens and knocks some of those traits right out of our LEF!  Like a hat, some pieces are picked up and back into orbit in pretty short order. Some are flung so far away we don’t know where they’ve gone, or if they will ever come back!

The good news is these soul pieces are not lost to us forever. A skilled shaman will help you identify and reclaim those pieces through a process called Soul Retrieval. First, they will help you identify what soul pieces were lost and then go get them back. Second, they partner with you in your healing process, giving you tools and homework to reacquaint you with those soul pieces and incorporate them back into your life again. To learn more and schedule your own healing session, contact us at Chacana Spiritual Center:

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