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Thunder warns of us the impending release of water and lightning from the sky. There are other signs that lead up to storms as well, increased wind speed, darkening skies and that tell-tale scent of rain and distant lightning flashes. Wisdom would have us seek shelter. Sometimes we do get caught up in them, physically and metaphorically and the only thing we can do is ride them out. The good news is that after the storm, there is a beautiful newness as the old is washed away and provides new opportunities if we are alert.

If you need help navigating the storms of life, please contact us at Chacana Spiritual Center at, or call 321.831.6305. Our doors officially open on 04.01.20 and or Shamanic Mystical Fair will be held on 04.26.20. Follow us on Facebook at to be kept up to date on all of our events.

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