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The Sweetness is Now

Work, work, work! It's Wednesday and you're counting down till Friday. Do you ever get tired of counting down the days till the weekend? Are you tired of wishing your weeks away? Perhaps you've been giving too much of your energy away? I encourage you dear one to be gentle with yourself. Please don't spend time ruminating on the past as you cannot go back to what was. Please don't spend time fretting about the future, as it hasn't happened yet.

I encourage you to focus on the sweetness of the now. Yes, the right now, the breath you just took, the text that made you smile, the gratitude of your car starting! The lesson of Hummingbird teaches that life is an epic journey with lots of sweetness to be enjoyed along the way. Savor it! Learn more about Hummingbird at Chacana Spiritual Center and we will be there to assist.  Our doors officially open on 04.01.20 and our GRAND OPENING Shamanic Mystic Fair on 04.26.20! Looking forward to seeing you all there!

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