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The Gift of Trees

Pachamama (Mother Earth) has given us a great life-giving gift, trees. Trees can be seen as avatars of ourselves in shamanism. When journeying, there are three parts of the tree for us to explore:

Upperworld = branches, leaves, and canopy, our connection with supraconscious

Middleworld = trunk, our connection with our current 3D reality

Lowerworld = roots, our subconscious

The beauty of trees is that each one is unique, its branches going this way and that, the leaves, flowers, and fruit of so many different kinds, and purposes. Moving through the seasons, weathering storms, providing shelter and protection. Each one is unique in its beauty. Nature loves variety! We're all like the trees, having similar parts but our growth and purposes are all different. Interestingly, the tree's roots extend out almost as twice as far as its height. That means that trees in a group are also interconnected by their roots. Culture is like that too, a group of people connected by subconscious thought. Healthy roots equal a healthy tree. A healthy subconscious yields a healthy person.

Connect with one of our shamans and take a journey for yourself and be surprised at what you find!

To learn more about the benefits of shamanic journeying, contact us at Chacana Spiritual Center: Website: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: YouTube:

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