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The Beloved Mirror

All aboard! Our biggest lessons in love come from the people closest to us. They show us our strengths and weaknesses, and the deeper the relationship, the more magnified these traits can become.  Sometimes we fall in love with the image our beloveds present to us, loving the good traits that mirror our own and falling out of love when shadow traits are reflected back at us. What do we do if we find something on our face when we are looking in a literal mirror?  Do we wipe the mirror? Or do we wipe our faces? To preserve ayni (harmony) in our relationships, it's good to address those shadowy aspects of ourselves as they come up.

The Peruvian-trained shamans at the Chacana Spiritual Center help facilitate the healing of shadow aspects. Come see us! Contact the Chacana Spiritual Center at, or call 321.831.6305. Our doors officially open on 04.01.20 and or Shamanic Mystical Fair will be held on 04.26.20. Follow us on Facebook at to be kept up to date on all of our events.

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