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Sometimes, life gets really hectic. We think we're doing okay, but underneath, discontent has been brewing. Then, ONE THING! And we lose it. Disproportionately so! We call that the last straw. It has happened to all of us! The temptation is to assess, strategize and solve. What if we were to be still in that moment? What if we just bore witness to what we or someone else is going through?

It wasn't that the coffee spilled. It's deeper than that. If we take the lesson of Serpent and just be still, we can witness what was at the root of the discontent. When it reveals itself, shed it and move forward. Shamans make excellent witnesses so please come down to the Chacana Spiritual Center and we will assist you. Our doors officially open on 04.01.20 and our GRAND OPENING Shamanic Mystic Fair on 04.26.20. Looking forward to seeing you there!

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