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Shaking that Rattle

One of the power tools of the shaman is the rattle.

In Peruvian shamanism, before doing any type of ceremony or spirit work, the shaman uses a rattle to open up space. It is used for inviting in energetic assistance from the 4 directions: South (Serpent) West (Jaguar) North (Hummingbird) East (Eagle/Condor) When invited, these energetic entities act as guides and hold sacred space during spirit work or ceremony. Not only is the rattle handy for calling in assistance it also breaks up and dispels negative energies including other energies that would impede intention and focus. The sound of the rattle announces to the spirit realm that we are ready to work! The shaman also uses the rattle to seal and signify that the work is completed, thanking the energies and releasing the space. The rattle is also used in journey work for inducing a trance-like state. How's that? If you've got a rattle available, try this experiment: Get somewhere quiet by yourself and take 60 seconds and notice the sounds and energy in your head. Now try shaking the rattle for 60 seconds. Stop and listen to the silence within you again for 60 seconds. Did you notice the difference? Did you notice that your head might have felt a little clearer after you stopped rattling? The rattle is a pretty powerful device in the shaman's toolkit! Come down to the Chacana Spiritual Center! Our doors officially open on 04.01.20 and our GRAND OPENING Shamanic Mystic Fair on 04.26.20! Looking forward to seeing you all there!

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