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Why Shamanic Healing?

With so many healing methods available, why are people choosing Shamanic Healing?

Mesa Class Training - Chakra Balancing

We have all had a lifetime of emotional wounds that have been buried deep inside her bodies. Because we push them down. We do this as a coping mechanism. We do this because this is what we've been taught to do.

Our most sacred belief systems are formed by many of these emotional wounds that we started acquiring at a very young age throughout our whole life .

These wounds create pathways in our bodies. They lower our immune system, they allow fear, anxiety, depression, angst, sadness, jealousy, illness and disease to enter our bodies.

When the healing takes place the Shaman enters into another reality. A Reality that allows him/her to step into your shadow side the place where you hide your emotional wounds from yourself, or from others in the world. But not from your body. The shaman releases these emotional wounds bringing a greater joy into your body. Relief for your body and healing for your body on an emotional, spiritual and physical level.

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