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Mirror mirror on the wall…

There’s something really powerful about looking in the mirror. Looking at what’s reflected back at ourselves is a challenge at times as there can be so many things that we don’t like to see. Pachamama teaches us that there is diverse beauty to be seen everywhere and you and I are no exception since we are one. When disconnected from the oneness, it is so easy to be dissatisfied with the view. We elevate and denigrate ourselves and others instead of holding space for our beauty. The Witness understands this.

The Witness observes all and doesn’t make up Stories and Meaning, it states exactly what it sees. Stories and Meanings explain things, but that’s it, they don’t change anything. What would happen if we stopped the storytelling and embrace what is? Being The Witness gives us the ability to lay down the stories, accept what is, understand that we are one, and we are a reflection of one another.

The shamans at the Chacana Spiritual Center will teach you how to become the witness and observe what is. We have classes and workshops, and sessions. Contact us now, we are glad to be the witness of your transformation.

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