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How do I hold space for beauty and love to be in my body- when there is so much pain?

If you are asking this question, you are not alone🙏

First I want to tell you the absolute truth💙 you are loved more than human words can explain.💙🙏 The divine source that created us all has unconditional love for us that is eternal and supportive and wants only joy and love to resonate within our cells ,thus creating the most healthiest version of yourself on a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level.

So how do we achieve this? First you will need to stop believing all the lies you have been told. Be discerning with all old information you have received and likely have integrated into who you are today. And be as discerning with all new information you are receiving. We must unlearn the myths and lies that society may have taught you that have led to the pain you are feeling. They are simply not true. For example- lies like, you are not enough, you are poor, you will never achieve a dream that you have… and many, many more lies.

You know in your heart right now what has been said to you, that simply never felt right- you have always secretly questioned this lie and hoped it could be wrong... I am here to tell you, it is wrong. You are first and foremost an eternal spiritual being, having a human experience. And the divine source and creator God/ universe/ Zeus… call the creator whatever resonates with you... created you with a purpose. To have a experiences as a biological life form (human) and to overcome and learn from lessons in life. (Ie: loss, pain, aging) To enjoy beauty from a human perspective (ie: sunrise, a first kiss, holding a newborn baby).

So, stay with me🙏 we are getting close to understanding the answer to the question.

How do I hold space for beauty and love to be in my body- when there is so much pain?

With a pause, contemplate what you have just read please 🙏 you are eternal spiritual beings made of energy (one might call it the soul) and you are having a experience (reincarnation) as a human being. And all the lies you have been told and now believe and have integrated into your life and body have become your most sacred truths. You may even own these truths with all your heart to be true.

So, here's how we break this old pattern of belief systems that allow pain in and prevent us from living a life of joy... seek LOVE.

Question EVERYTHING! Do the people in your life bring you joy? Do the words and thoughts that come from your own self bring you joy? Do your reactions to people bring you joy? (this is the most important one I have mentioned.)

Again, pause for a moment and take in what you have just read. How do I talk and react to life? Anger, jealousy, revenge= fear. Fear creates havoc on your body. But Love = healing on your body. So to answer our original question. Focus your thoughts about yourself, others and the world around you on love. Not hate, anger, jealousy.

Focus your thoughts on gratitude for the healing that is coming into your life. Focus on the healing and love that is yours by birth right as the creator is the father with genetics of love. No longer must you own your biological suffering and pain of our human forefathers. Because now you are conscious that, yes, they played an important role in your human life to assist in your creation on the earth- but they do not get to write the story of your life- YOU DO! You are a beautiful energetic spiritual being living out a life in a human body. And as all energy is able to change forms, so can you! So here is your focus once again💙 focus on your new found truth that you are a powerful force of nature and you have the creators cellular and DNA make up ( which over rides your human cellular and DNA make up) you are actually pure love... so with this new truth- how will you shape your life, your body and your future...this is how we hold space for beauty and love to be in our body , even when we are feeling emotional, spiritual or physical pain. Because we are moving forward into LOVE and releasing fear - Aho💙






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