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Healing with Sand Painting

Using Sand Paintings to work through problems. ~ Kids Munay Ki class.

Working with sand paintings is a technique I teach in my Mesa Classes. It is a great way to see the issue you are dealing with from a much higher / objective perspective. It gives you a view of where you are now in dealing with the issue and helps you to take the steps needed to start moving toward your desired outcome.

Sand Painting is an excellent tool to use with children.

Children are so open and they don't over think things like adults tend to do. It is a great way for them to look a problem they are facing and learn how to work on it in a healthy & productive manner.

We give them an opportunity to create a "painting" in nature, using items found in nature. They are given 3 stones to work with. Based on the placement of the items in the painting, the issue is analyzed by the shaman and discussed with the client. They then come up with ideas of how to work on the situation using the painting to get their desired result.

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