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A common question I am often asked about Shamanism

Q- How is Shamanism different from the modality I am currently taking?

A- A long answer but worth the read 😉

Shamanism is not a modality🙏🦋 it is a transformational journey and lifelong learning on how to observe the world around you through the creators perspective. It is a personal healing path to become a lighter healthier more joyous version of yourself. It allows you to dive deep within yourself and release your old beliefs that were preventing you from moving forward or becoming successful in life💙 it allows you to open up your innate abilities of communicating with spirit and nature and the universe. It allows you to find your most joyous path and then touch everyone you meet with love & to see is the Shaman sees with compassion💙🙏

A shamanic path will strengthen any modality path you’re on and help you have a greater understanding of your cultural spiritual beliefs and find the joy in all the aspects of your life🦋

I always welcome questions and private messages for further information.

The Chacana’s Spiritual Center is currently open Thursday through Sunday 10 to 530. Stop by have a cup of hot tea and take a tour of the center I welcome you!!🦋💙🙏

2299 Sarno Rd Melbourne Fl 32935



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